The Alpha Policy Forum is working with our Policy Partners to identify different ways to take action to help communities of color.  Each of our Partners have their own individual calls to action, based on their specific policy messages - education, health & nutrition, voting rights, and more.  It is important that you determine the issues and topics that are most important to you, and jump in to help.  Our Partners are always interested in donations from supporters - donations of time, money, resources, information, and so much more.  Here at the Alpha Policy Forum, we ask only that you get involved in a cause that moves you or aggravates you, and make a difference in your community.

Something else you can do is contact the people in Congress who represent you, and let them know what you think.  We're not suggesting that you tell them to endorse one policy or another; rather, we want you to call them and tell them that issues and topics that matter to communities of color matter to you.  Let them know what you believe in, and that you're willing to use your vote as your voice.

The phone number for the Congressional switchboard is:


Dialing that phone number will take you to a switchboard operator, who can direct you to your respective Senator and your Representative.

Here are some links with additional useful information:

  • Please CLICK HERE for a directory of Senators by state;
  • Please CLICK HERE to find out who represents your Congressional District;
  • Please CLICK HERE for information for the offices of those who represent you in Congress if you're going to be in Washington, DC, and stop by to let them know what is important to you and your community.

Please don't stop with your Congressional representatives.  Contact your Governor, State Representative, and State Senator as well.  Contact your Mayor, City Council Member, Alderman, Ward Representative, School Board, and anyone else who has a say in how our communities will move forward.  Over the past seventeen years, residents on both sides of the political spectrum have experienced shock and disappointment with the outcomes of those elected into the White House.  While Presidential elections are critical, the State and Local elections also have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives.  We MUST stop erroneously believing that voting once every four years will make all the difference - it's the primaries and off-year elections and State elections and municipal elections that can make a lasting difference in our communities.

And don't stop there.  Call your friends,  call your co-workers, call your cousins - let everyone know that you're making a difference in your community and they can too.  Engage within your neighborhoods, schools, and churches to encourage and empower fellow citizens who share your values.  Stay informed and vote to voice your opinions.

Lastly, please sign up for our forthcoming newsletter, and stay tuned to find out more on how you can get involved.  Thank you.