June is LGBT Pride Month – You’re Doing It Wrong

In a move that surprises no one, the Trump administration decided to pass on recognizing LGBT Pride Month this year (CLICK HERE for more information).  Initially started in 2000 with a proclamation from President Clinton, the practice was ignored by President Bush’s administration over the next eight years.  It was President Obama who made this celebration a mainstream event under his administration.  So much so that the Pentagon and other Federal agencies continued to celebrate LGBT Pride month this year – that is, until they realized they were going against the White House, and they muted their efforts.  Ivanka Trump is the only member of the White House and Trump family to acknowledge the celebration, but her tweet is far from actual support.  When she stands up to the administration on their actions to support religious-based discrimination, that might constitute the beginning of support for the LGBT community.

Talk about a missed opportunity – there are approximately 12M members of the LGBT community in the US.  They are citizens who deserve respect, residents who deserve support, and voters who deserve to be represented.  It’s a shame that the administration chose to issue proclamations for the outdoors and oceans – two things that are in greater peril now that the US has pulled out of the Paris accords – instead of for a block of citizens who would have appreciated the recognition.



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