We’re Back for 2019

Jump Off 2019

We've been gone for a minute but we're back for the jump-off of 2019.  It's been a while, and we've gone through several changes.  We've had friends and colleagues leave for greener pastures.  We have gained new team members.  We have a few new programs that we'll be working on over the coming year, and we'll have new partners to share with you.  Their messages and passion will help us identify the ongoing issues that still need to be addressed within communities of color.

We are still focused on health and nutrition, education, voting rights, criminal justice reform, economic development, and affordable housing.  But we're going to go much deeper into these topics through the insight and power of our partners.  We'll share information with you about specific healthcare topics, Minority Serving Institutions, electronic voter registration efforts, inmate reintegration projects, business incubator & accelerator programs, and a broader range of housing options.  We hope to share new information with you and tell you stories that you can share within your own networks.

Since we've been gone, a variety of stories impacting our communities have come and gone, and plenty of outlets have worked to make sure you know what you need to know.  Children have been ripped from the arms of their families on our southern borders.  The Affordable Care Act has seen new assaults.  Racism reared its ugly head in our streets and during our elections.  More of our citizens have been killed by senseless violence.  And our government is in the midst of a crisis over key policy issues.

But through all that, and like the story of Pandora, Hope still found a way to cry out in a still small voice.  The hope of new voters.  The hope of new allies in the fight.  The hope that can be found at the end if a long dark tunnel.  We must not allow ignorance to lodge itself in the cracks and crevices of human weakness - in the shadows cast by fear, hatred, and doubt.  We must feed our hope and bring light into the darkness to cast out the shadows that continue to limit mankind.

We here at the Alpha Policy Forum must continue to use our voice to shine the bright light of new ideas and bring new players into the arena to battle for the soul of our communities.  We hope that you will continue to stand with us - to share this fight against oppression, ignorance, and hatred so that we might clear the way for our own still small voices of hope to cry out loudly as one.  We are united in our mission.  We are united in our passion.  And we are united in our conviction to change our communities for the better.

Now let's get back to work.
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