What’s the point of the policy forum?

This policy forum is an opportunity to present information pertinent to communities of color for a variety of different topics. Oftentimes, residents may have frequently asked questions about something in their community, but don’t necessarily know who to ask or how to find the information. Our goal is to provide this FAQ page as a starting point where they can find answers to their questions, and learn about organizations in the community who are working on solving these challenges.

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why start this forum?

The Xi Alpha Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha and The ClayHouse Group decided to work together to create this forum.  There are a growing number of needs that go unaddressed and needs that go unmet.  This forum brings together a number of different policy Partners, and creates a repository of helpful information for residents of our communities.

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how can I get involved with the forum?

We celebrate the participation of residents in our communities, and encourage them to join our forum family.  We want to celebrate your achievements and spotlight upcoming events.  If residents engage with organizations (e.g., non-profits, think tanks, churches, etc.) who they believe could be helpful in sharing useful information, we ask that they contact us to find out more about partnerships.

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what’s next for the policy forum?

We are always looking for new policy and civic Partners in our communities.  We hope to increase our reach in the community – both with the residents and with organizations who are willing to help.  And as we continue to grow to address new challenges, we may include additional policy topics.

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