Black History Month – You Did It Right

This month, basketball players on the University of Mississippi men's team stood up for dignity by kneeling for justice.  In the face of a Confederate rally near the campus of Ole Miss, eight players took a knee before their game against Georgia.

"This was all about the hate groups that came to our community and tried to spread racism and bigotry ... in our community," said Ole Miss Coach Kermit during his postgame press conference. "It has created a lot of tension for our campus. I think our players made an emotional decision to show these people they aren't welcome on our campus, and we respect our players' freedom and ability to choose that."  With the full support of their team and school, these players showed that hate and bigotry have no place in today's society.  Even if it is Mississippi.

And we applaud them for it.  Well done Gentlemen.  You show us our best selves.

Ole Miss basketball players kneel during the national anthem on a day of a pro-Confederate rally

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