Black History Month – A Progress Report

Now that we have arrived at the end of another 28-day Black History month, we at the Alpha Policy Forum thought we would do something different this year.  Sites across the country tell you about history.  Sites across the country tell you about goals and missions for the month.  Sites across the country from various organizations tell African Americans why they should care or maximize efforts for these twenty-eight days.  But we thought - why not take a different approach.  Now that we have arrived at the end of the month, let's have a progress report.

Every day, there were stories about historical figures.  How many can you remember?  There were stories about the struggle.  Which ones resonated enough to remember tomorrow - in March.  This month is about mentoring and teaching our youth.  How many of you did that, and will continue doing that tomorrow?  Please understand, we COMPLETELY agree with all of these goals and plans and ideas and hopes.  But when only doing it one month a year, and trying to cram it all into 28 days, how much is done and how much is remembered?  Better yet, how much will be done tomorrow or next week or next month or in the coming months?

We continue to be disappointed by the lack of comprehensive African American history in our schools, textbooks, and dialogue.  This is especially sad considering that Black history is American history - a country built on the backs of slaves should honor their struggle and their rich legacy that weaves into popular culture, art, sports, fashion, and so much more.  We are, therefore, disappointed that more isn't done, that more isn't remembered, and that too many still denigrate the efforts of this month every year.

We hope you will remember the story of Medgar just as much as Malcolm and Martin.  The Buffalo Soldiers and the Tuskegee Airmen.  The role of women, children, seniors, clergy, and so many others who fought the good fight in the face of indomitable odds.  But we also hope that while you remember their struggle, you would continue the struggle into March, April, and May.  Continue to study.  Continue to read.  Continue to remember and to share.  Continue sending emails that celebrate victories and learn from defeats.  Continue holding events to praise leaders and educate the youth.  Black History Month should be a 365-day month without end, and this month should live in the hearts and minds of everyone until we are unable to remember that it was only supposed to be a month.

So as we put forward this progress report, we ask not only how you have done, but how much more you plan to do.  Because the struggle is real - it continues and must live on in our hearts until it will never be forgotten.

Black History Year 2019 and beyond...


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