Our Vision

"The chief significance of Alpha Phi Alpha lies in its purpose to stimulate, develop, and cement an intelligent, trained leadership in the unending fight for freedom, equality and fraternity. Our task is endless."

Henry Arthur Callis, May 1946

Our Purpose

There are a number of policy groups who do great work, but their greatest battles are often won through partnerships.  The mission of this forum is to bring together powerful allies to fight against misinformation, apathy, societal injustices, and other gaps in the social fabric that leave too many residents without the solutions they desperately need.  This forum seeks to embrace and celebrate the interconnected nature of these policy topics.  It's the commonalities between the topics that bring together Partners with mutual goals to provide information that fills in the gaps and address the ongoing unmet needs.

Meet the Forum Founders

As forum founders, Alpha Phi Alpha and The ClayHouse Group have come together to take the lead in identifying Partners and policy topics.  Please read below to find out more about us, and what each organization brings to the table in the fight for communities of color.

Alpha Phi Alpha is a national organization promoting manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind.  At the national level, the fraternity hosts several programs, all of which are implemented in some way by each of the local chapters.  These programs have a tremendous impact in the lives of residents across the country, but local chapters are always looking for better ways to serve the residents in the areas they serve.

The ClayHouse Group is an infrastructure and economic development firm providing public-private partnerships to municipalities across the country. Its initial service offering is the development of luxury mixed-income, mixed-use affordable housing supporting residents who are suffering in the current economy, and it targets the missed opportunities in job creation and community development to help the under-served members of our society.

Next Steps

We invite you to review our blog.  Please review the information posted, check out links to our social databases with more information, and share what you learn here in your own communities.

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