Policy Forum Purpose

The purpose of this forum is to discuss some of the main civil rights policy issues that impact communities of color today, and consider solutions on how these can be addressed.  This policy forum is designed to leverage the efforts of different organizations who believe in our fellow man, in the idea of improving our communities, and in the idea that everyone deserves a chance to achieve their own personal dreams.  By pooling our research, resources, and resolve, we hope to address the unmet needs of our fellow residents.

We review the best-in-class ideas for achieving lasting social and economic changes that impact lives, and utilize this forum model to examine shared strategies for identifying and solving issues.  The ultimate goal of this forum is to create an opportunity for thoughtful discussion, shared deliberation, and effective action to make an ongoing and lasting difference in our communities.  Through the efforts of our Partners and participants, we can achieve our goals and so much more.  The role of this forum isn't to make you think what we think, but just to make sure that you're thinking.

Below are the policies that this forum will work to address.  Thank you for your support.



Health & Nutrition

Health issues have plagued communities of color for generations. We must address these problems to identify proactive solutions.

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Education is a modern day civil right.  From primary school through college and job training, we must ensure every resident has the opportunities to learn and achieve.

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Change comes through action. Registration and voter participation give residents the power to use their voices to approve the policies and elect the representatives they need.

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Criminal Justice Reform

Residents in communities of color should not expect prison as an outcome in their lives.  We must be a voice for change, provide solutions, and monitor policies that guarantee fair sentencing and lower recidivism rates.

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Economic Development

Entrepreneurship and business development are critical in changing pervading climates of inter-generational poverty.  We must identify solutions that empower residents and provide financial solutions.

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We work with our Partners to identify solutions for housing affordability and home ownership to give residents of communities of color an equal opportunity at the American dream.

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Next Steps

We invite you to browse the site and review our blog.  It's through the efforts of our Partners and participants - through the contributions and conversations – that we can achieve our shared goals and so much more.  So review our information, check out contributions on our blog, and share what you learn here in your own communities.

Call to Action

This forum is designed to help a visitor understand more about those policy topics that affect our communities; however, we would be remiss if we didn't ask for your participation in making a difference.  Knowledge is power, but it is our actions that lead to change.  So please join us in the battle for our communities of color.